Various facilities and equipment related to surface treatments

In addition to the facilities mentioned in the previous sections, we can manufacture other types of installations, reform existing facilities, as well as manufacture and distribute almost all the components needed for surface treatment installations.

Other types of facilities

Manual installations

Semi-Automatic Installations

Laboratory facilities

Vats and tanks

Drying and polymerization systems

Drying ovens

Blower systems

Polymer furnaces

Sludge drying furnaces

Gas extraction systems


Gas scrubbers

Spray systems

Renovation of existing facilities

Transfer of machinery and facilities

Retrofit and upgrade of equipment


Loading and unloading equipment

Automatic drum loading

Automatic drum discharge


Lifting devices

Pumping systems

Filter Pumps

Pressure equipment

Electricity rectification systems

Continuous electric current plating


Ultrasonic cleaning systems

Mechanical zinc bells

Drums and their auxiliary equipment


Three-phase drum turning contacts

Drums speed rotation control

Dosing systems

Metering Pumps

Counters of A·h

Bath stirring systems

Air agitation

Mechanical stirring

Heat and cold equipment